About The Evolving Woman

When I hit my mid-forties, I was so confused, lost, and afraid of my next step. I started to ask the bigger questions of life.

Who am I? What is my purpose? Is this all there is?

Gathering my courage, I investigated meditation, yoga, journaling, self-help books. I sought answers to those proverbial questions. What I discovered about me was that somehow I was being divinely guided to help not only myself, but others.

My two kids were in college, and out of the house. It was time to move forward in my life, all by myself.

I took a leap of faith, and went back to school. I remained there for three years studying Spiritual Psychology and Soul Centered Life Coaching. I was hooked. During the process, I realized that I had become the person I always wanted to be. My purpose in life was to serve others while having fun.

From this experience and training, I have created a coaching practice that is considered by some to be experimental, (or what I like to call coloring outside the lines). In my group coaching session, while learning new communication skills, we play. The world needs more loving, compassionate, and kinder humans, or, more simply, spiritual beings having a human experience.

One-on-one coaching is also available in person, phone, or FaceTime.

I currently reside in Studio City with my faithful companion, Billy.