Why Can’t Life Be Like A Yoga Class?

I had this realization this morning in my yoga class.

Where everyone is is respectful, they know the rules:

1. Don’t step on any one’s mat.
2. Be on time to class
3. Follow instructions by the teacher, they have your best interest in your heart, body and soul.
4. Be patient with yourself and others.

You are here to learn, help each other, breathe and let go of that negative stuff you no longer need. There’s no judgment, do what you can do. No competition amongst other yogis. Some people can stand on their head, good for them. I’ll just take another sip of my water and breathe.

So, the next time you find yourself upset about the little things, just remember how if felt to be in your yoga class and how it all ran smoothly because there was balance, structure and respect for everyone in there.

You aren’t into yoga? I suggest you try it and see how life can be like a yoga class.


Are You a Forgiving Person?

Most people never think about the consequences of not forgiving.

They’re just pissed off.

So they shove the pain, hurt, and upset deep inside of themselves, and think that certain memories will disappear.

Newsflash: it never does.

Those negative emotions reveal themselves in variety of ways: sickness, addictions, anger, inability to have healthy relationships, sadness, loneliness, and isolation.


The only way to break free is to use the dreaded “F” word that no one wants to talk about: FORGIVENESS.

It frees the soul, mind, body, and spirit. It allows one to release all that’s been held inside for usually way too long. It’s a process that is available to anyone at anytime.

I can help you – if you are willing. It’s my specialty.

Forgiveness is Freedom.